Die Zombie Die

Cancelled Games / Changed Titles

(1) Asylum by DarkBlack, Now Owned by Acclaim: Cancelled

(2) Dead Rush

Activision pulls the plug on its multiconsole survival horror driving game just months after its E3 unveiling. For a game about the undead, Dead Rush didn't live very long.

Just over two months after Activision unveiled the hybrid of survival horror and driving action at the 2004 E3, it has summarily canceled the project. "We gave it an opportunity, but it didn't meet our standards as a big proposition," said Activision Publishing CEO Ron Doornick in a post-earnings report conference call today.

In development at Spider-Man 2 studio Treyarch, Dead Rush was to be released on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube. It was to follow an amnesiac who wakes up in a coastal town racked by earthquakes and overrun with zombies....

By Tor Thorsen -- GameSpot
POSTED: 07/21/04 05:09 PM PST

Source: Game Spot

(3) June 2004, IGN update: The Four Horsemen's Future: The title isn't dead, after all. Far from it

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(5) City Of The Dead Now Re-named To Land Of The Dead

This project was originally announced as a project being workshopped at The Mauretania Import Export Company (with designer American McGee also involved), but was cancelled, and a game of the exact same title was later developed with George Romero by Kuju Entertainment [Source: IGN.com].