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Blood Rayne 1

The bad guys in this are technically not zombies, but they might as well be, since they resemble zombies. In this game, humans are hosts to parasites.

At first, these bad guys look like regular zombies, but once you attack them, the head and spine jumps out - at least as far as the Nazi soldiers who are infected are concerned. The head will jump about on the spine, chasing you around.

In the swamp level of the game, your enemeis - humans who were once citizens of the swamp area - are more mutated in nature, as some have very long arms or deformed hands. Also in the swamp level, you'll meet up with big spider-looking monsters.

At other points in the game, you'll be confronted with Nazi soldiers who wear masks and who can fly because they wear jet packs. Personally, I find them creepy, so you'll find an image of one below.

Parasite infected Nazi soldiers / Heads - On - Spines Monsters

Spider - type monsters


First image: infected swamp human; Second: Nazi with jet pack