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Plenty of other sites carry screen captures from video games, true.


The first major difference to discuss? I've noticed that many screen captures at professional gaming sites are far, far too dark.

~ So dark that one cannot even make out what is in the image. I have therefore taken some of the images into photoshop and have increased the brightness level.


If you're like I am, you are mainly interested in seeing the creepiest shots of the game, to get an idea of the sorts of monsters you'll be fighting.

With professional gaming sites, you'll have to wade through many irrelevant screen shots before you see the zombies.

You'll have to sit through screen captures of empty warehouses, forests, or sewers. Numerous costume shots of human characters, posed as though they're Vogue magazine models.

When Resident Evil 4 came out, how many of you deeply cared about what the main character, Leon Kennedy, would look like? Did you honestly care about the color blouse Ashley would be wearing?

Or were you more interested in seeing what the bad guys would look like?

You probably at one point or another found yourself at a professional gaming site's Resident Evil 4 screen captures section having to drudge though page after page of snaps of Leon or Ashley - (and you didn't give a whit about what Leon or Ashley looked like).

I have noticed that even some fan sites - maintained by lay persons - toss in screen captures of everything but the kitchen sink. They too will make you dig around for pictures of zombies.


Not to mention that unless you have a cable connection or DSL, the graphics-heavy, pretty professional sites take all day to download.

I'm still using a dial - up connection myself. Usually when I come to a screen capture page on a professional gaming site, the screen capture preview images are the last thing to download.

One has to sit through numerous pop-up ads and wait eons for fancy, in-page Flash files to download before the snaps even begin to show up.

Talk about annoying.


And this is where my humble photo gallery collection of scary video game screen captures come in. I've culled the web to present you essentially only with the screen captures containing the bad guys.

In some cases, if I felt a screen capture showing a locale was very creepy - say, for instance, a desolate, old church grave yard - I've included those shots as well. For the most part, though, the images in my gallery are of zombies and monsters.

The preview images for all the screen caps on my site are 45 by 45 pixels, and there are no ads on the page to download, so you should be able to begin viewing the screen capture previews fairly quickly.

Please keep in mind that at this stage, I do not think I plan on including screen captures for every single scary game, nor do I plan on including every single creepy screen capture for every game that is listed.

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