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2004, 2005

>Oct. 16, 2005

A new game was just released for the X-box: Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel Without A Pulse;' view its box cover upper left, or in the video games listing section.


The box cover for "Condemned: Criminal Origins" has been released' view it above right, or check out a larger version of it in the video games listing section.

A poster at Chris' Survival Horror Quest Discussion Board mentioned that a new game is in the works for X-box and PS2: "Campfire."

Don't forget to drop by the Die Zombie Die discussion board - I may move it to a new hoster in the future.

Work continues on the site. I've updated the video game lists.

> Oct. 12, 2005

I have redesigned a few pages of the site, relying more on CSS then previously.

Nothing drastic - you'll notice the colors and overall look remain the same. I still have to update much more of the site, not sure when I'll be completed with the task.

> Oct 8, 2005.

Resident Evil 5 is coming to X-box 360, and Alone in the Dark is coming to X-box 360 as well.

According to Team X-box's site, the game City of the Dead (now known as "Land of the Dead") should already be available for the current X-box console.

According to some sites I've visited, the game City of the Dead has been renamed Land of the Dead.

> Oct 5, 2005.

Fatal Frame 3

According to some sites, Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented will be released either October 2005 or November 2005.

Evil Dead Regeneration should already be available in stores now.

> August 20 , 2005.

Dark Watch

Darkwatch, a scary/gothic Western styled game, has been released, for X-Box and Playstation 2. Its box cover is pictured above, right.

Fatal Frame 4 has been announced (presumably for Playstation 3), although as of this writing, FF3 has yet to be released in the USA!

Talk of Resident Evil 5 has surfaced as well.

A new game just out, called Trapt (or "Kagero II: Dark Illusion" as it was called in Japan) sounds as though it features creepy elements, though I'm unable to tell just how creepy this title is.

Apparently. The Suffering: Ties That Bind has been available for awhile now, at least according to this page at amazon.com. I've no idea if The Suffering: Ties That Bind actually shipped to brick and mortar stores yet, such as Target or Wal Mart.

It looks as though House of the Dead 4 may be coming to the X-box 360.

> May 21, 2005. I've added a few titles to the Video Games listing, such as Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse, among others.

I've also added a few titles to the "Games That Didn't Quite Make It To The List" section, such as Disaster Report

I've read a few reviews for 'Resident Evil Outbreak [File] #2,' and they've mostly been negative. I didn't like 'RE Outbreak 1,' so I probaly won't bother getting a copy of REO2, unless it hits rock bottom sales price.

>May 16, 2005. Chris (who is a Die Zombie Die affiliate - Chris' Survival Horror Quest) informs his readers that another new creepy game is slated for X-box 360 and Playstation 3, and it's called "Demonik." Chris has a link to a trailer for this game at his site.

Thanks to Die Zombie Die and Chris' Survial Horror Quest discussion board poster 16bitman, who had some kind words to say about Die Zombie Die's new image gallery!

> May 12, 2005. I've placed images from the upcoming X-box 2 game 'Condemned : Criminal Origins' in the Image Gallery

>May 11, 2005. 'Haunting Ground' is now out. Amazon.com is carrying it.

You can also look forward to 'Evil Dead Regeneration' at some point, though I'm not sure when

> April 18, 2005. The article about sexism in video games has been updated

>April 8, 2005.


"Obscure" was released a few months ago, and Cold Fear (a game similar to Resident Evil Dead Aim) was released not too long ago.

A new game is set for X-box, called City Of The Dead.

I recently picked up copies of Curse: The Eye of Isis and Doom 3 - you can read my impressions of both on the discussion board

>March 22, 2005.


Kuon was released sometime in December 2004, and is available for purchase from Wal Mart.com or Target.com

Constantine - the game based upon the movie starring Keanu Reeves - was released recently as well.

Devil May Cry 3 box cover

Last but not least, Devil May Cry 3 has shipped too.

>March 3, 2005. Doom 3 is going to be released in April 2005. You can pre
Doom 3 Box Cover
order it from amazon.com

>Feb. 6 2005. Resident Evil 4 has been released - which you should already know, unless you've been living under a rock.

A new game based upon the horror film Constantine is going to be released. Read more about it here: THQ To Ship Constantine Video Game

> October 2004. Blood Rayne 2 was released. The game was okay but I was disappointed by a lack of supernatural, garden variety bad guys.